Anyone can build a website but building efficient, integrated systems that achieve reliable results is much harder. We add value through our experience and industry leading tools, minimising the risk of costly mistakes and future limitations often missed by less capable developers.

Drupal Content Management System

We've been using the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) in much of our website development for over 5 years now. Our development team includes Drupal developers, themers and site builders. We've worked with many sectors, are Acquia partners, professional Drupal Association members and have sponsored the European annual Drupal conference.


Hydrant also works with Sympfony, one of the most popular web development frameworks, and the platform shared with Drupal 8. Symfony is an excellent way to standardise a bespoke system, website, or web application. By using a kit of PHP components, within a standardised framework, developers can shortcut a great deal of popular tasks, while delivering efficiency, commonality and best-practice. Symfony can also deliver efficiencies in terms of the code required, allowing a more lightweight approach, which reduces the ongoing cost of your servers and hosting requirements, over and above a Content Management System, such as Drupal or Magento. This means that whatever we build for you is portable, and can be worked on by other developers, to build upon and enhance the product, and avoiding a situation whereby you are beholden to an individual or a small team.

We'll always assess your requirements to help you make the right long term decision on the technology choice for your project. Although between Symfony, Magento, and Drupal, anything is possible.

Magento e-commerce

We have worked with Magento, a feature-rich e-commerce platform - built on open-source technology, for over 2 years. It offers a wealth of flexibility for both us as developers and our clients as administrators. Magento's intuitive administration interface features product catalogue, order management and reporting tools to give merchants the power to manage their site tailored to their unique business needs.

Development services

Our front-end development team have a wide range of skills and can build and implement designs for a variety of platforms as well as undertaking bespoke coding. We work in open partnership (as well as more discretely) with creative and marketing agencies who introduce us as their technical partner or alternatively outsource the development of their designs to us. We are very happy to discuss partnership and outsourcing enquiries with complete confidentiality.