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Hydrant Office
Our Carlisle Office

Enjoy a relaxed open office over two floors with great people, a variety of spaces to breakout or you can work quietly if needed, music from our SONOS and even Lottie, our trusty office Spaniel.

And that’s not it, every day is different, we thrive on collaboration, getting the whole team involved if need be, we value our employee’s opinions, and we listen to them too.

We’ve got multiple offices across the country, so we’re never too far away from our clients. And speaking of clients, they're the reason we get out of bed every day, and the motivation for us to keep developing, upping our game and learning the latest tricks of the trade!

So to name a few, we’ve worked (and are working) with; The Commonwealth Secretariat, Oxford Business Group, The University of Cumbria, Youth Music Theatre, Tullie House Museum, Food Standard Agency, MSD Animal Health, the list goes on...

Our clients are important to us, so to ensure our staff can do the best job for them, we equip them with the best and most up-to-date technology, what more could you want?!

Some of the technologies we use.


Monthly social events

Our 'monthly mingle' as it's come to be known, follows our monthly whole-company meeting.

It usually involves food, cakes, beer, cider, soft drinks, the odd silly game, a great laugh, and more often than not a visit to a great local bar...for more food and more drinks, which inevitably leads to more silly games, and a few more laughs!

Social space

Our whole main upstairs office is dedicated to a more social way of working - kick back on the old-school chesterfield sofa and get some admin done, or knock out line-after-line of epic code standing up at the workbench.

Plus we’ve got a cosy booth, a couple of hot desks, and a space hopper...although working and hopping at the same time is yet to be achieved, are you prepared to take on the challenge?.

Cycle scheme

Many of us in the office cycle to work, and when we're not at our desks building websites and apps, we're out on the local trails and hills on our mountain bikes.

We run the CycleScheme to give everyone an incentive to get out and ride their bike!

A contributory pension scheme

We pay in when you pay in!

What more can we say about that? If you enjoy working here as much as the rest of us do, you’ll still be here when you hit retirement age, so you might as well start thinking about that pension now, and Hydrant can help you start building that nest egg.

Child care vouchers

Many of us are parents, and we know it can cost a small fortune to look after the little ones.

Hydrant offer the childcare voucher scheme, which means you have a little extra cash in your pocket each month...but then that probably goes on the children too…

Company-wide gross profit scheme

Working with us is an investment, we have a company-wide gross profit scheme set up, so the more money the company makes, the bigger your share! And what’s not to like about that?

What we do

We've worked with world-leading technology companies, charities, publishing companies and more.

We work with a multitude of clients ranging from SME to Global business, stretching an array of technologies and problems to solve.  We provide to tools and structure for you to be empowered to innovate and push the boundaries for clients and staff.

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