Ever suffered from analysis paralysis?

Too many choices in an ever changing and complex digital landscape? We can help you understand what you have, identify what you need and then clarify tasks such as user journey modelling, rapid prototyping or A/B split testing to keep you moving in the right direction. From technical discovery to Agile training we have experienced specialists who are happy to guide you. Why not have a chat with us and see how we can help?

Do you know who your audience are? Do you know what they want, or how your digital marketing experience can deliver that to them? Without answers to these questions many business owners and people without marketing experience struggle to know where best to invest their budget.

There are a number of techniques to help organisations of all sizes better understand what their users want. From simple workshop discussions to in depth audience research, taking time to build a picture of your users as well as their motivations and needs is a great first step for any project.

If you can’t describe your audience in a sentence, it may be worth exploring persona development. This technique involves the creation of persona profiles that represent your typical audience members, complete with back stories and incidental detail that helps a project team to understand their motivation and needs. Personas are a cost-effective way of ensuring outcomes are created with the needs of users in mind.

If you don’t have it already, functional specification can be captured through many approaches, but usually results in either technical documentation or user stories that capture the scenario and interaction between users and systems. This documentation can form a valuable preparation phase for any complex project as it will define the scope and the technical brief.

Agile project management is a great way to deliver projects by ensuring the most valuable features are delivered first and allowing follow up steps to change as the project matures. However, Agile project management can often be implemented poorly or misunderstood as being too vague or unplanned. The reality is far from that, but it requires understanding from both client and supplier to make it work. We’ll give you expert advice and ongoing guidance to set-up your Agile projects and help you understand the roles needed to ensure success.

Technical discovery can be useful when you have existing software and systems that need to be integrated as part of a larger system. Our technical consultant’s role will be to liaise with suppliers and software vendors to evaluate compatibility and data exchange options, reporting back to you with plain english explanations and solutions based on the options available.