Is your organisation struggling to become digital by default?

Are your competitors reaping the rewards of efficiency savings by embracing joined up technology and leaving you behind? We can help you connect technologies, strategically and practically, making digital business the invisible enabler it should be. Tell us what you are hoping to connect. We’ve experience in these technologies and many more: Salesforce, MS Dynamics, HubSpot, CiviCrm, RedHen, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Google Apps, Drupal, Wordpress, Magento and Symfony.

The move to being digital by default has gripped many organisations in recent times, and while some sectors are racing ahead, others are only just starting to appreciate the benefits of joined up technology. Where is your organisation on this scale? And would you like technology to be simpler and less ‘visible’ day-to-day? Most organisations see the benefits of invisible data that ‘just works’ but the reality can be very different.

We have over ten years experience of helping organisations of all sizes take steps along this journey and the good news it that it’s never been easier, or more cost effective. Cloud hosted solutions with Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs) have made it far simpler to connect systems from different vendors to provide the single joined-up experience that users have come to expect. However, it still takes thought and planning to create a seamless multichannel experience.  

Middleware solutions can pull and manipulate data from multiple sources before sending it onto another system. Alternatively, captured data from users can be sent to back office systems, or data can be pushed from the back office for publication online, or to apps and secure groups. Creating the end solution requires an appreciation of both the user’s needs and the business requirements.

It’s important to begin by understanding the requirements before proposing solutions. The aim of most organisations is for technology to become invisible, simply providing the right information in the right place at the right time.

Free and Open Source software such as Drupal and Symfony is open and extendible, making connections to other systems easier. A global community of developers creating modular code made available for all to use and customise, reduces the time to market and cost of common integrations. Because this code is free and open we can make improvements, or refinements that tailor a solution to your requirements.

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Few users enjoy thinking about how software works, they just want the results it can offer them. We understand this and can help by taking responsibility, or playing a part in transitioning towards this goal. If you are planning a digital transformation project and want experienced support talk to us. Fill out a Project Enquiry form and we'll get the kettle on.