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The Hydrant Start platform provides a low cost solution for the standard requirements we are so often asked for. We build your site for you by capturing just enough information to get you started. Start allows you to update text and images yourself, with support from our team if you need it. We’ve listened to feedback from our clients and developed a tool that is simple to understand, extremely easy to use and operates around a flexible monthly cost that suits you.

Over the last decade we’ve realised that lots of our smaller clients wanted a simple, low-cost website that they can update themselves. 

There are lots of ‘site builder’ alternatives out there, and you’ve probably seen the adverts on TV. However, we wanted to provide a fully-fledged content management system that didn’t tie customers to licence fees, or lock them into using a specific company so, we developed Hydrant Start. 

What makes Hydrant Start different is that while we provide the economy of scale that’s comparable to a ‘site builder’ platform, once your business outgrows the capability of the system, you don’t lose all the time and money you’ve invested into your first website. By exporting your site, we can give you a fully standalone Drupal content management system that can be hosted anywhere, upgraded or expanded.

"With a one-off flat fee to get you started on a responsive website for you, your product, business or local community project and three simple service levels to choose from to help make your site your own and kick-start your digital marketing, Hydrant Start is the perfect solution for many start-ups and small scale digital projects looking to grow online."

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