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Digital projects don’t just stop when they are delivered. Hosting and maintaining a live web or mobile application requires an element of ongoing commitment and investment. To make this easier to budget for we have developed a range of modular packages and plans to cater for all sizes and complexities. We provide scalable cloud and dedicated hosting supported by a choice of plans that cover security and routine maintenance.

Support plans

We offer the following in terms of hosting and support packages, although we have more detailed documents available:

  • Time Bank - Pre-purchased blocks of 10hrs that are used-up (or called-off) in 15 minute increments. These are ideal for allowing your Account Manager to work with you to evolve your site, and roadmap your backlog of future developments to continuously evolve and improve the site. Time banks are also useful for mopping up overspill not covered by your other support plans, or can be used in place of a support plan. Pre-purchased time does not expire and will roll-over until used up.
  • System Support Plan - We ensure your site is meticulously maintained and updated as soon as new patches or updates are released. Either of the plans below will be renewed on an annual basis, and time does not roll over.
  • Proactive plans ensure all ‘highly critical’, ‘critical’, and ‘moderate’ Drupal patches are automatically applied as an immediate priority.
  • Reactive plans include ‘highly critical’ and ‘critical’ patches.
  • User Support Plan - A user support plan enables you to telephone or email, to raise support tickets with our team. Each plan comprises of 4 hours per year, per user; enough to respond to around ten standard requests per year, such as questions around using the CMS. Plans are renewed each year and time does not roll over.
  • Hosting - We provide a fully managed hosting service, which employs numerous monitoring and alerting systems, from leading providers, such as Amazon AWS and Rackspace for enterprise clients. Hosting is a fixed, annual cost, and there is no cap on the hours we spend to maintain the infrastructure. Hosting costs for this project will vary based on:
    • Traffic volume
    • Redundancy and CDN network
    • Number of environments (Production, staging development etc.)
    • Specific IT security or DTAP (development, testing, acceptance, production) requirements

We will select from standardised, preconfigured packages, to build a bespoke server cluster, that is suitable and cost effective. Our provision allows you to scale the platform up/down to ensure cost efficiency and performance are balanced and optimised.

*All support and hosting plans are governed by a Service Level Agreement.

"We know it's important to our clients to have adequate hosting and support in place at an affordable price which is something we always keep in mind when reviewing our packages. Offering a great service but at a fair cost."

Our Customer Service Delivery Team

"Our Turnkey hosting and support services enable you to focus on what you do best, by providing the peace of mind that comes from a fully managed service, and a dedicated team at the end of the phone."

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