Is design a subjective, emotionally charged subject within your organisation or team?

The web design industry has become increasingly analytical as it has matured. Professional web design is driven by results and data as well as creativity. The process of web-design can be as simple as choosing something you like, or developing a deep understanding of audience and optimising a carefully designed experience to influence their behaviour. Our team have experience of both.

User experience UX Design

User experience, or UX to those familiar with it, is fairly self explanatory, and is the least subjective aspect of design because we can measure it with behavioural metrics. In essence it's about giving the users on your site the best possible experience.

That might mean defaulting to a phone’s number pad when entering a phone number, or forcing caps when entering a postcode. It might be a more intuitive navigation, slicker checkout process, or using postcode lookup to help users find addresses in a couple of taps.

Whatever stage of the UX design process, we'll research what your competition and the industry as a whole are doing, and then go one better. Online, there is little to differentiate so, having the best user experience is vital when it comes to engaging and monetising traffic on your website.

Creative Design

Design. It’s a hugely subjective area. Fortunately we're not talking Swedish furniture here, but even restricted to 'digital', design is still a big subject. Interpreting your brand, digitally, art working, asset creation, video production, user experience or a mood board.  It's all encompassing, but we've got it covered.

We've got a proven, ISO accredited web design process that gives you input into this subjective mine field, while also giving you the parameters to keep the project on track. By breaking down this task into simple steps, we’ll guide you, helping you to manage your stakeholders, asking for input and sign-off at just the right stages.

"Our approach to web design is to work as a collaborative team, designing sites that are fresh, engaging, interactive and bespoke specifically for your business.  We are proud to have recently launched a website for East Sussex Highways, built collaboratively with CH2M Hill and Costain Ltd - find out more in our case study."

Our Tailored Technology Team

"We specialise in working at a strategic level with businesses to make sure their objectives are met using the technology we develop for them. Whether it’s a booking system or a transactional website, we’ll marry user-centric design to the best technology, to create a slick, robust, and future-proof system."

Our Digital Business Team